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  • Textable is a text messaging app for businesses

    Less phone calls, less emails and more texting makes happier customers. πŸ˜„ Start your Textable trial today.


    Reply to clients instantly with automated messages. Keep a personal touch while removing manual tasks from your day.


    Send targeted mass messages to all or a select few of your customers. Advertise new products, current sales, or send announcments.


    Tag teammates, leave notes on customers, and automatically assign new conversations. Get notified of new messages and get things done.

    β€œIn the past, we relied on email (which not enough people read) or texting from our iphones, which quickly became overwhelming. Textable made our communication far more organized and, importantly, it gave our staff an easy way to get in touch with us.β€œ

    Greg Fielding
    Cerda Productions

    Track customer engagement like a pro

    Determine the success of different campaigns and find the best possible time to reach your customers.

    Let's talk numbers

    200KTexts per second

    6B Texts per day

    0 Texts sent to your business

    Communicate differently

    With Textable, your customers won't need to install any apps to contact you.
    They can simply shoot you a text, just like they would with their friends.

    Become Textable

    Find out how Textable can help you and your team communicate with your customers like never before.

    Coming Soon

    Integrate with the apps you use.

    We are working on getting Textable integrated with your favorite apps. Stay tuned.

    Start your 14 day free trial today